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"David is passionate about leadership, and his greatest strength is his capacity to share that passion and build it within others. I will always be grateful for the years I had working with David; he challenged and supported me, and he settled for nothing less than my best. Whilst building my confidence and providing support, he also helped to identify my blind spots and work on developing my weaknesses. There is no hiding from yourself with David, he helps you find and value what very few people can - the authentic leader within yourself.” 

Cate Begbie, Deputy Principal, St Aidan’s, Qld,

former Junior School Head, Wesley College 

"David is one of the most creative and forward-thinking people I've ever met. He challenges the ordinary and strives for exceptional in all that he does. These are the dispositions that make David a wonderful mentor and coach - he is infused with the capacity to both challenge and guide while engaging with respect and humility." 

Garth Wynne Executive Principal, Christ’s College, New Zealand

"David’s commitment is underpinned by an unconditional positive regard for the capacity of others to realise their leadership aspirations with appropriate support and encouragement. Through his deft use of skills and processes of coaching, David raises the quality of thinking, achieving positive outcomes for both individuals and teams with whom he works." 

Jennifer Davies, Dean, AIS Leadership Centre, NSW

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